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Feb 02 2016


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Hello there! Happy First Tuesday and purrs to you. I hope you have been keeping well.

I am doing very well, and I have been keeping very busy with all sorts of things. A Cat’s work is never done, as you probably know. One of those things is to look out the window in order to ensure that everything is as it should be outside.

And it turns out that there is a new cat on the block. But I am getting ahead of myself.

In the winter I do not go outside. However when the weather has been nice, then I have enjoyed the outdoors. First with my old harness, a couple of years ago, and then with my new harness last year.

One of the neighbours said that I could sit on their steps anytime I like. Isn’t that thoughtful?

And so, of course, every time I have gone outside, I have taken up that offer. Mustn’t appear ungrateful to the kind neighbour. Besides, the view from the stairs is always much better than the view from the sidewalk.

20150328_155309 (501x502)
former harness – enjoying the view from the stairs

I have fond memories of near-adventures with squirrels, close encounters with various insects and an approximate encounter with a dragonfly. I even saw a skunk one evening. However my harness and leash prevented me from pursuing many of these neighbourhood trespassers as closely as I would have liked, so I often have had to be satisfied to observe what I could from a distance.

My blogging person’s computer supposedly crashed more than a year ago, although I never heard any sound that was out of the ordinary. Along with that crash there were apparently also many photos lost. And one of those lost photos was of me reaching a cautious but very excited paw towards a dragonfly.

However the photo of the dragonfly on its own was happily recovered.

dragonfly - so close (504x283)
within paw’s reach

I was so close – within paw’s reach. However I was not allowed to get too close to it, and I could not understand why.

And the skunk across the street – if I did not have my harness on, I would have chased it too. Sometimes my persons just do not have a sense of adventure. Even so, I have usually enjoyed going outside.

Another favourite thing to do was to greet neighbours who were enjoying the outdoors when I was out walking, too. Many of them said hello. Although I have never gotten used to joggers, most others have been very nice. Mostly.

One time there was a very nice-looking couple walking outside, or so my person thought. But I was not impressed even before they said hello. I strained at my harness and wanted to head towards the house, even though my person tried to convince me that all was well. But I did not want to meet them.

I still had a bit of an extra fluffy tummy in those days, even though I had already lost much of the excess weight that I used to have when I first moved in.

The nicely dressed woman looked at me and then said to my person, “What a pretty cat. Is she pregnant?”

I tell you.

Another time a homeless person was walking outside, and my person seemed a bit cautious.

But to my person’s surprise I was greeted in a very polite and friendly voice and I was told that I was very good-looking Cat, which was very true, of course. I liked that neighbour very much and stretched my face forward to the kind words. So my person said that my name is Timmy, and it was very nice to be greeted by name.

So I have met all kinds of neighbours. My persons say that you cannot judge a book by its cover, which I am unable to comment on, since I have never had occasion to judge a book’s cover. However, I do know when I like someone regardless of what they look like, and when I like to keep my distance. It’s just one of those Cat things, and I know Dogs can be like that too.

Being outdoors has certainly been adventurous.

But then came last year, when everything changed. First of all, there was all the smoke in the air for a number of days early in the summer. There was no blue sky at all and the mountains simply disappeared from view. But strangest of all was the sun – it appeared as if it had been provided with a dimmer switch, and for many days it was simply strange-looking.

skies of smoke
a most unusual summer sky

The air quality was not very good for either animals or people. In the news there were messages for those involved in strenuous outdoor activities to be cautious. My persons thought I would be safer inside, and so inside I stayed.

And then, when the air cleared, we suddenly had new neighbours on the block. Not the nice neighbours with the stairs. No, these were other neighbours, in a different house. With a dog. A dog that was initially off-leash very often, and so it was decided once again that I would be safer inside. No more outdoor excursions, even when the weather was lovely.

It turns out that the new neighbours have a cat, too. A cat that stayed close to home for the first while.

But now that cat often visits my yard. Even in the winter. Whenever I see her through the window, I just stare and stare, and my tail twitches.

20160119_161347 (500x272)
new cat on the block

Imagine – another cat in my yard!

This is, of course, very different from my sitting on the nice neighbours’ stairs, as you can well imagine.

20160119_161400 (500x281)
new cat – on my fence

One time she almost ran inside my house with one of my persons, but of course she was told that she needed to stay outside. I should hope so!

20160119_161404 (500x281)
not interested in the camera

And so there is a new cat on the block. A cat that seems to be as disinterested in the camera as I am. So we do have one thing in common, one of the new neighbours and I.

In the meantime the dog seems to be on a leash more often. So I will possibly have more opportunities to go outside later this year. That would be just purrfect. I will keep you posted.

P1330329 (500x280)
new harness – still enjoying the view from the stairs next door

See you next month. Here’s sending you lots of purrs in the meantime.


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