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May 27 2016


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Although I am a fan of many genres of music, it has been quite some time since I’ve attended a concert. That is partially related to my hearing, however that is another story for another time.

But hearing or not, this past weekend I joined two friends and we went out to Abbotsford in the Fraser Valley for a Chris Tomlin concert. An unassuming, talented musician with a genuine gift of singing from the heart. We also had the opportunity to hear two Canadian artists, Dan Bremnes from Salmon Arm, BC, as well as Tim Neufeld and the Glory Boys.

Incidentally, both Dan Bremnes and Tim Neufeld are Juno award winners.

The Juno awards ceremony takes place each spring and recognize Canadian musical artists and bands for various achievements and accomplishments in a variety of categories for every given year. And it is no insignificant honour to be a Juno recipient, but I digress.

The concert had bluegrass and laughter, gospel and rock and occasionally something leaning very dangerously close to country music, a genre I generally avoid, but it managed to stay on track without actually crossing the line. In fact, there was not a tune I did not enjoy. And there were some melodies that you could not but clap your hands to. It was fun, uplifting, reflective, hilarious, brilliant, musically excellent, faith-building, loud and jubilant, and most definitely an evening to remember.

Lots of smart phones were in the crowd, and they made for some spectacular displays (and the draining of batteries) as people held their devices up high on a couple of occasions.

My camera wasn’t with me, but my cell phone valiantly sprung into action to capture some moments from an evening I won’t soon forget.

jubilant 2016

If you’d like a musical taste of the evening, feel free to click on any of the links below.




Header image – smart phones in concert

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Jubilant“.


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