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Sep 01 2015


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Hello there, and purrs to you. I trust you are keeping well.

I never pay much attention to any of the news, but the words ‘economy’ and ‘cutbacks’ as well as ‘mergers’ and ‘takeovers’ seem to be said a lot these days. It has never affected me, so I just usually snore through the reports, and let my persons do the watching.

However there must be something to it after all, because there have been some changes at the pet store where my persons usually buy most of my food. First of all, some of my favourite flavours and brands of cat food were discontinued – the first many months ago, and then a number of months ago, another one.

This led to some discussions with the staff at my pet store about cat food generally. And my persons learned that fish is not necessarily the best food to give to a cat, and certainly not on a regular basis, although I would disagree with that.

However apparently as we felines get older, our metabolism isn’t able to process fish as well as in our younger years, and it could end up causing us to become quite sick in the long run. So my persons did some more research, and now I get fish much less frequently than I used to beforehand.

But new favourite foods have been found instead, and I have continued having a purrfectly good appetite. Mealtimes are still highlights of my day.

And then very recently, my pet store was bought by another one, and so even more products will be discontinued in the future. It was one of those takeover/merger scenarios. I think that animals should be in on the discussion when such decisions are made. Happily, this change of ownership has resulted in two items of good news.

Firstly, my main favourite flavours will continue to be available.

And secondly, if my persons buy a case of 12 tins of my food at one time, rather than just individual ones, then they get a 5% discount on the total price.

That discount is apparently a good deal, although I normally do not pay the bills, so it hasn’t seemed to make any difference to me. Breakfast time is not any earlier in the day than it used to be, either. But it still comes when it does, and it is as yummy as always. So it all seems to be much ado about nothing.

Otherwise I am keeping very well, according to my most recent annual visit to the animal hospital. However, it should be noted that just because it is an annual thing, and part of the routine, does not mean that I am liking it any better, to have to go there.

If anything, I was more vocal than ever in my carrier while my persons took me there. It began shortly after I was placed in the carrier, and once the carrier was settled in the car, I made quite certain that I let everyone in the world know what I thought about it. And so I just talked and talked and talked.

02 20150829_095830 (500x281)
talking in the car

When I got to the hospital, I immediately became quiet.

This was the first time my annual appointment had fallen on a Saturday. It was very, very busy in the waiting area. Several dogs – on leashes (I should hope so!) – and their persons were also there, and I remained very still in my carrier. But I remained on high alert and I stared and stared.

03 20150829_100526 (500x281)
very quiet while waiting in the hospital

None of the dogs seemed to notice me, so all was well. So far, so good.

Finally it was time to go to the examination room. Will looked after me, and he was orienting an apprentice. So there was no getting around it this time. My temperature was to be taken. Yes, in that very delicate, private place.

I moaned and I hissed as you might well imagine, and it was all extremely undignifying. And after all that stress, my temperature was perfectly normal. It was very humiliating, and all for nothing. I tell you.

Then I was placed on the scale, which I tolerated quite well – and I was told some good news. It turned out that I had finally lost the extra weight that I had brought with me when I first moved in, and I checked in at 11 lbs, 7 oz (just under 5.2 kg or 0.817 stone).

In two years and 9 months I had lost some 9.5 pounds (4.3 kg or 0.67 stone). Everyone sounded very pleased. As for me, I was just happy to be placed back on the examination table again, where I could be near my persons.

Will and the apprentice left, and we waited again. And then the doctor came.

It was a different doctor this time, one whose approach was quite different from Dr U‘s, which I had already quite grown accustomed to. That doesn’t mean that I love him, or that I like his approach, but I had gotten used to his routines and I have always been very well-behaved when he has talked to me in the past or when his stethoscope got a bit too close for comfort.

I have been told that I am a very smart cat, and that I learn routines very quickly. But there was nothing routine about this day at all, and I was not impressed, even though time and again my persons told me that everything was ok, and that I would be going home soon enough.

The new doctor, who apparently has a cat or two living at home, put out all the charm that could be put out. But I have to admit that all of it was lost on me. Don’t tell anyone, but I really was not at my best behaviour. I cannot remember how many times I hissed and howled, which is actually quite unlike my normal handsome and friendly self.

For the record, I have never hissed at Dr U. And I purrsonally suspect that this appointment would have all taken place in a matter of moments that I would have hardly even noticed, if he had been attending. But every doctor has their own style.

At the same time, to be fair, no matter who looks after me, I would always much rather be at home.

Finally everything was said and done, and the necessary jabs were administered, and I was happily in my carrier once again.

In fact, I was about to be dismissed to be able to return home again, when one of my persons politely suggested that Dr U had always offered me a treat or two during my previous visits here. And so a treat was found and given to me. I don’t know why this wasn’t just offered spontaneously, but perhaps that was another case of those cutbacks. Nevertheless, there it was.

A treat at last.

07 not to be bribed

Not that I was about to eat it then and there, of course. I pretended it was not there at all, ignoring it altogether, even though I knew it was right beside my left paw.

08 20150829_103637 (2) (500x281)
pretending not to notice the treat

I would not be bribed.

The doctor in attendance actually sent along a few more of them as well, which was very kind – although I would never admit it. Later, once I got home, I would eat them all with the greatest of enthusiasm, as you might expect. But in the hospital, I was just not amused, and treat or not, I simply played it cool.

And then there was some more time spent waiting. I was safely inside my carrier again, and there was a new dog in the waiting area that hadn’t been there earlier – and he, too, was safely on his leash.

He was allegedly friendly towards cats, and while his person was chatting to one of the hospital staff, the dog managed to ease his leash to a fuller length and he walked up to my person, all cheerful and friendly. And then he walked right up to my carrier, just as cheerful and friendly, but I would have none of it.

My back arched, my ears shot back sharply and I hissed as severely as I could. It was probably the loudest that I have ever hissed in my life. I ended up startling the dog, who stepped backwards, and he looked a bit puzzled. He had likely never have seen a cat behave like that before, but even though he may have been nice, I was not about to take any chances.

06 20150829_103945 (500x333)
stepping back from the carrier

To his credit, the dog did not bark nor growl, and did not display any aggressive behaviour. His person continued chatting, and appeared not to have even noticed what had just happened.

Finally it was time to leave. I was quiet the entire length of the trip home, and if you didn’t know there was a cat in the carrier, you might have thought it was empty. We were headed in the right direction, so there was no need to protest.

Once at home, I happily scampered out of my carrier, and I hurried to the kitchen for my treats from the vet. They were yummy of course.

And then I was greeted very cheerfully by my favourite fish. A fish that has not been impacted by any changes in the economy nor the change in my diet. A fish that has always been ready and willing to say hello. Even on the most stressful of days, there are moments when life is simply wonderful.

09a hello mr fish 20150829_114349 (500x281)
hello Mr Fish

And that is how it went. The annual visit has come and gone, and all is very well.

Here’s sending you purrs. Do take care and see you at my next post.


a note from pix & kardz

Timmy’s incredible weight loss is largely due to a change of diet from strictly dry food, to a mixture of half dry food and half wet food. Although he had plateaued to within two pounds of the vet’s recommended weight for about a year, it wasn’t until the amount of fish he was eating was reduced, that he lost the final two pounds.

Too much fish is not necessarily good for cats. There must be something to it. Who knew!

And of course, Timmy is a very active and playful cat for a senior. Seeing him in action, it is hard to believe that he is already 9 years old.


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