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Apr 28 2016


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Focal Length:9.4mm
Shutter:1/125 sec


In case you’ve been losing sleep – or even if you have not been – but just in case you were wondering how the beech trees outside the front door have been progressing with their leaves, here is an update.

01 P1430023 (570x321)

01a P1420954 (570x321)

An earlier post indicated that a close-up view of the branches revealed that the leaves were well on their way by the end of March.

Yet having said that, looking at the trees from a distance, as seen in the header image, most of the trees still appeared quite bare during the first few days of April. The bird’s nest high up in the tree was still very much visible, for the annual camouflage of foliage which normally affords the crows their privacy, was not yet in place.

And yet, the leaves were obviously unfurling, and that about a month earlier than in previous years.


03 P1430012 (570x321)

04 P1420966

05 P1420982 (570x321)

But only in those close-up views. Looking at the tree from the street below as late as April 7, there was no secret about there being a crow’s nest. It was very obviously there.

IMG_8697 (570x380)

And then my camera and I were out of town for a couple of days, returning in the late afternoon of April 9. More on that in the next post.

However, not unlike a watched pot which seems reluctant to boil, it was sometime during those two days that it happened. When I returned home, the branches were covered in leaves, and like a welcome committee they were waving and swaying in the breeze.

P1450306 (570x321)

The leaves had finally popped! The crow’s nest had all but disappeared, and if I hadn’t known where to look, I would have missed it. The foliage was now obviously in place – ready for nesting season. And in the meantime, the remainder of the leaves have unfurled as well.

And so, at least a month ahead of previous years, the trees have been hard at work once more. They have begun to supply oxygen once again, faithfully and without complaining, for another season. On top of that, for all their work, the trees look beautiful too.

I must say I am grateful for city planners who long ago had the foresight to plant these trees who have now grown into such noble giants.


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