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Jul 07 2015

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a-guest-post-by-timmy- 03 2015


The large and small suitcases have been away once again.

When the suitcases first put in an appearance, it always means an imminent absence of my persons, and the bigger the suitcases, the longer the absence. And when it is a rather long absence, then there are both large and small suitcases.

Such a commotion it is, when things are removed from cupboards and closets, unfolded and then refolded and placed in the suitcases, arranged and rearranged. And then the whole process is repeated in reverse when they come back home again.

It seems like such an unnecessary waste of time and energy. But it is a strange habit that my Persons have once in a while, and I am growing accustomed to their odd packing/travelling/unpacking behaviour.

The good thing about all of that is that I am able to remain at home where everything is familiar and comfortable, and where I am able to ensure that everything remains in good order while the suitcases and my Persons are away.

A Cat Named Bob

Incidentally, one of my Persons bumped into an interesting read while travelling. Although in the German language, it is a translation of a book originally appearing in English, A Street Cat Named Bob. It is a heartwarming true story about an extremely good-looking Cat named Bob who at one and the same time is rescued by a Person called James while rescuing him, and it was apparently perfect reading material for a vacation.

While I am generally not fond of other cats, nor do I spend time using search engines on a computer, my blogging person is known for both, and it turns out that there are many links with articles and videos on Bob and James, including the following two:



But I digress.

For this is a post about handsome me. And while I remained at home, a Friend came here to take care of all those things which my Persons normally do.

Knitting with a Friend

Some of those things include providing me with meals and treats, and providing me with skritches and scratches under my chin as well as talking to me. And of course this also includes time spent playing with me. As you have probably noticed, a Friend is not unlike a Cousin, and is also very much like a Person. For as most felines know, it is important for a Cat to have one or more Humans around that need looking after.

This helps us to keep our people-managing skills finely tuned, and it allows for them to enjoy the company of handsome me. At the same time, it allows for me to enjoy their company, too, so it is a win-win situation for everyone. And so it was, and all was well. Simply purrfect.

However in the late afternoon I took up my post at the front door, as I always do, waiting for one or the other of my Persons to come home. Yet they did not, although the Friend reassured me that they would be sure to do so soon enough. When I was convinced that this was not the day they were returning, then I resumed looking after my Friend.

I must say, however, that the Friend did something very unusual that my Persons have never done. It completely captivated my attention, and it is something my Friend called Knitting.

Knitting is a very fascinating activity that involves two sticks which are called needles, something called a Project, and a ball that has some string attached to it. The Project itself varies, and it could be a blanket, a scarf or a sweater, But regardless of the Project, the rest of the process is always the same. Every once in a while, the string gets pulled from the ball, and over time the ball gets smaller and smaller while the Project keeps getting bigger and bigger, and looking more and more like a blanket, a scarf or a sweater.

The Project itself is neither here nor there. But when the ball has disappeared altogether, a brand new ball of yarn is brought out, while the process continues. It is all very interesting and I quite enjoyed this part of my time with my Friend.

My favourite part of the Knitting process was when the string was being pulled out from the ball of yarn. I kept watching this, wondering how I could help with this somehow, because I am very helpful by nature, as you can well imagine.

However, to my surprise, I kept being told that my Knitting skills were not needed, although to this day I cannot understand why not. I am sure I would have been able to manage and rearrange all that enticing yarn that was just waiting for me to pounce on it. Yet it was not to be. Nevertheless, I was presented with a piece of yarn which I chased with much enthusiasm, and I spent much time beside my Friend, watching all that yarn being pulled and pulled from the ever-diminishing ball.

Overall, my Friend and I had a marvellous time together.

Routines Restored

But then one day my Friend and all that enthralling Knitting left again, and my Persons returned back home once more. I supervised the emptying of the Suitcases, which seemed to be a quicker process than the filling of them before they left.

I must say that initially I took up waiting at the door for my Friend in the first few afternoons after my Persons returned. I really did enjoy the company of my Friend. There is no more Knitting going on, and there are no more balls of yarn to monitor.

However regular routines have returned again, and that has been quite purrfect, too.

The Grand Outdoors

The weather this year has been quite wonderful, with many opportunities to go outside.

P1300579 (2) (550x402)

Once I see my harness, then I get rather wiggly for excitement. I can hardly wait to have it on.

A New Harness

I recently got a new harness that is much more comfortable than my previous one. It is apparently intended for a small dog, but it fits me perfectly across my broad chest so I quite like it. It is pink and lime green in colour.

And most importantly, when I am wearing it, it either means that I am outside, or that I will be going outside soon!

P1330042 (550x366)
modelling my new harness

Incidentally, some people mistakenly think that we Cats see only in black and white. However studies and tests have shown that we can actually see the difference between red, blue and yellow lights, and we can also distinguish between the colours red and green. But I digress.

So I am always happy to have my harness on.

What to do

I quite enjoy being outside. One of the first things I usually do is to greet my sidewalk.

tongue (550x293)
saying hello to my sidewalk, when I was still wearing my old harness

I roll and roll on it, and I soak up the sunshine, absorbing some Vitamin D with my fur. Later when I groom myself, I ingest the Vitamin D. So it is just as practical as it is wonderful.

And then the next thing I do is to say hello to the grass.

P1300571 (550x309)

Although I usually have a pot of fresh cat grass growing inside my house, there is nothing quite as tasty as the grass which grows outside, which I am able to choose myself.

IMG_7301 (550x367)

And so of course I indulge, selecting all my favourite blades of grass here and there.

IMG_7365 (550x367)

There are also moments when I just enjoy lying on the grass, soaking up the sun, listening to all the outdoor sounds.

IMG_7313 (550x367)

I also enjoy exploring my own yard.

IMG_7492 (550x367)

I watch for birds, and my tail taps non-stop.

IMG_7447 (550x310)
crow up high in the beech tree

Another important thing I do is to navigate the stairs outside.

P1300574 (550x309)

P1300582 (550x402)

Up there, I have a much better view of my domain.

IMG_7356 (550x367)

IMG_7332 (550x367)

But it is not just all hard work.

IMG_7338 (550x354)

P1300584 (550x367)

I also enjoy sitting in the sun on the stairs, too. More Vitamin D for later.

P1300585 (550x413)

After having looked at everything from the top of the stairs, it is time to go down again, and beyond my yard. To explore my neighbourhood of course.

P1300588 (550x413)

I walk past the neighbour’s fence, and I sniff the air. And I sniff the fence, too. It is a rather solid fence, so it is hard to get inside the yard. There must be a way in there. One day I will figure out how that works.


I am enjoying my walk. There are, of course, some hazards to watch for when I am outside.

IMG_7430 (550x367)
one of several hazards outside

But a Cat is aware of his environment and is simply cautious.

Not a Favourite Thing

But there is one thing which is not a favourite thing at all – hearing the words, “Okay Timmy, it’s time to go inside again!”

Then I pull my ears sharply back, and I try to make my opinion known, that it would very nice to stay outside a bit longer.

P1300592 (550x413)

But my protests are unheeded, and if I do not walk towards my house voluntarily, then I am just scooped up unceremoniously and carried inside. Can you imagine! Although that is actually not such a bad thing, but I would never admit to it.

Yet despite that one minor setback, all in all, it is good to go outside for a walk from time to time. And sometimes, the best thing about going for a walk is not necessarily the walking. Who knew!

Hold the Press

Just a heads-up at press time, this is to let you know that my city is currently sitting under a blanket of smoke, as can be seen here. There are many wildfires far and near, although not directly in Vancouver. However, some powerful winds from the north have sent all the smoke this way, and the smoke has just settled in the last few days, making the sky have an orange glow, and making the sun appear as a distant red globe. It looks very strange outside.

To see a recent NASA satellite image of this corner of the planet, click here.

The outside temperatures are very warm, and the air quality is apparently very poor, so at the moment I am not going on any walks at all. I hope the smoke blows away quickly, and my persons are hoping it will rain soon. I am looking forward to being able to go for walks again before long.

Hope you are able to get outside and enjoy some walks, too. Here’s sending you purrs. Do keep well. See you at my next post.


♫  a note from pix & kardz

The blogging hiatus for regular posts is continuing until the end of the month. I am happy to report that I am well, however Life has been quite busy. I have been away from my computer as indicated by Timmy, and enjoyed some time travelling while a good friend kindly looked after Timmy. This was a real blessing, and we are grateful that he was able to remain in the comforts of our home while we were off enjoying our vacation.

Several thousands of photos were captured in some far-away places and now need to be organized and sorted. Future blog posts will likely be sharing some stories about our time away. Do stay tuned.

In the meantime, some out-of-town visitors have arrived, and regular blogging continues to remain on hold for now.

message-board on a hiatus official p&k 2015

Hiatus or not, however, Timmy’s monthly guest posts are continuing to appear on the First Tuesday of every month.

Do keep well – and see you at the next post.


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