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Nov 26 2015


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Focal Length:7mm
Shutter:1/800 sec


The images in the previous post were just a taste of some of the archived images of things found in threes.

There were actually a lot more than I had expected to find, with a number of leftovers. And since leftovers are sometimes different and often better than the original serving, here are a few of those extra images that now have a chance to play in a fresh new post.

Few, as in meaning somewhere between 2 and 20 – and many of them are random moments, from road trips and from close to home, as well as a musical interlude from a garden birthday party that was almost rained on, yet nothing damped the celebration.

And more. Here’s to all things three.

P1410148 (2) (560x315)

crows in sepia (560x420)

P1410810 (2) (560x315)

Some Notable Literary Trios

The Three Billy Goats Gruff
The Three Little Pigs
◆ The Three Little Pigs – Wikipedia’s article
The Three Musketeers
Three Blind Mice
◆ Three Blind Mice – a little bit of history

Not to be forgotten was some very practical photographic advice provided by a stranger. Clicking on the image below will take you to the full story.

P1100184 (5) (560x420)

Some Television Trios

My Three Sons
The Three Stooges
◆ The Three Stooges – official website

And then there was a day one August when it rained and rained – until just before the party began.

The tarps were up, just in case, yet the rain stayed away. And the band played.

P1330701 (600x444) (2) (560x414)
P1330703 (2) (560x420)
P1330707 (560x420)
P1330698 (2) (560x314)
P1330700 (560x392)

There’s just something about jazz….

I have been unable to find out their name or locate any posted videos, so their music is just visual for now. If some information comes to light, I will update this post.

Some memorable musical trios. Feel free to check out one or two… or more :)

◆ I saw three ships (audio only, but definitely worth a listen, imnasho)

◆ Peter, Paul & Mary

◆ The Kingston Trio

◆ The Three Tenors

◆ We Three Kings of Orient are

◆ We Banjo 3 (a quartet, just to mix things up a bit)


And to conclude, here are a few more three-inspired moments from closer to home.

dec 2007 amazing sky - Copy (560x420)

011 P1110612 three's a crowd (3) (560x314)

P1370396 (2) (560x315)

3 trees in the park (560x420)

2008 3 (560x374)

Some Notable Colourful Trios

◆ the three primary colours of pigment :: red, yellow and blue – or not
◆ the three primary colours of light :: red, green and blue
◆ The colours of the the medals of the Olympic Games :: gold, silver and bronze

And one final threesome by special request ….

IMG_8130 (560x373)


Header image – captured from a room with a view
near the end of a storm
Cox Bay, on Vancouver Island’s unforgettable Pacific west coast



A second response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Trio.”



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